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A traditional pin but with upgrades! I use a solid 1/2 diameter metal axle supported by sealed bearings that will not flex, no matter how much dough you have to roll out. The pin is made with a combination of maple, cherry, and walnut, with caps of walnut on each end. The hard maple handles are epoxed and pinned to the axle, ensuring a perfect bond. This is a tool that will last generations, and will only get better with age. A beautiful piece that is a joy to use, connecting you to your baking

- hand turned pin made from our signature trio of walnut, maple and cherry

- hand turned handles that fit perfectly in your hand, with groves to support buttery fingers!

- sealed bearings for a smooth ride

- 1/2 solid steel axle that will withstand decades of abuse

- created by a professional pastry chef for pastry chefs, or aspiring pastry chefs

- comes with its own cradle at no extra cost for               display!

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