Three Tiered Play Gym

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Perfect to place on top of a cage, or on a table, it stands three feet tall. Hand made ladders connect three tiers of activities. All the perches are hand carved from hard wood to the diameter that best suits your pet, and because they are hand carved they have a natural feel with variations in the diameter and texture. There’s too many items to list, and each one can be customized for your feathery friends favourite things to do.

- several hand carved solid wood perches

- customized hand painted sign

- includes two removable dishes

- hand made chew toys

- cotton rope swings and perches

- mirrors, bells, and other toys to keep active birds        engaged 

 - 5% of sales goes to our local bird safe house

Free shipping in the Edmonton area! This product is not available for outside of Alberta

Each One Is Hand Made And Customized To Your Pet’s Needs!!!

Don’t be shy! Have Questions? I Will Help You Make the Perfect Hang Out Spot For Your Feathery Friends. Message Me and I Will Get Right Back To You