Medium Bird Cage

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Furniture that enhances the experience and beauty of caring for your birds! Fully customizable in size, colour, and options. With double perches, solid platforms, handcrafted toys, lighting, and details in design that you will not find anywhere else. We are the choice for enclosures that will look great in any room.  

  • measures five feet tall by three feet wide and two feet deep
  • Includes low profile led light for a plug in and play experience.
  • wire spacing and size customized to your birds needs
  • fully customizable to meet the needs of your pet
  • enhances the beauty of your birds, and allows for unique decorating designs
  • double doors with the option for more gives easy access without disturbing your pets or your setup
  • hand made perches and platforms to allow multiple options for your birds
  • unique hand carved details that stand out
  •  pet gives you so much love💕,return the favour and give them a home, not a cage
  • options available for drawers, solid metal inner frame construction
  • brass and stainless steel models available 

 Phone, text or message today and we will work with you to give you a once in a lifetime opportunity that will always bring joy and smiles each and every day.

This product is not available for shipping outside of Alberta